StrongDC++ 2.42

StrongDC++ 2.42

Free StrongDC++ is an open-source modification of DC++, a file sharing program
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StrongDC++ is a free and open-source file sharing program that uses NeoModus Direct Connect (an old name for Direct Connect) and Advanced Direct Connect protocols. This is a modification of a widely spread Direct Connect client: DC++. Both of them are open source, allowing StrongDC++ creator to do some modifications to the original.

The concept is basically the same as in DC++. There are public and private hubs. You can easily get access to an online list of public hubs (the program can get one for you) and connect. Private hubs are not so easy to find. Then, you get a list of every peer connecting to the same hub and ask for a list of each one shared files. You select you favorite files and start downloading.

The differences with DC++ are small, but numerous, making it a very interesting alternative. It comes down to a matter of taste, more than quality. StrongDC++ has a bigger focus on aesthetics, allowing for a much more colorful and informative interface. In some cases this can be helpful, for instance, if you just connect to a new hub, different icons will allow you to know which peers have better conditions for a good connection. On the other hand, some users may not appreciate the volume of information available, and prefer a simpler experience (as in DC++). Nevertheless, you stilll need to know about P2P and DC to make your first download.

On the efficiency level, StrongDC++ has some significant advantages over its original source, as it requires no configuration of firewalls or the program itself to achieve the best results. You will be able to download from different peers, share partial downloads, easily search for files on any hub you are connected to (it allows a special search, called DHT search), encrypt your traffic so it is not blocked, or limit download and upload speeds. However, the biggest difference from DC++ are the customizations possibilities, which are much greater in StrongDC++.

As any other Direct Connect client, this program suffers from the downsides of using an old protocol: it requires you to connect to hubs to search for files, it allows much higher download speed in closer hubs but hardly any speed from hubs further away, and a universal aim at copyrighted software – i.e., illegal downloads.

In conclusion, this is a very interesting program if you have to use Direct Connect Protocol (for instance, to connect to a private hub), but if you are looking for a modern approach to peer-to-peer I would have to recommend you search elsewhere.

Version 2.4 is the first 64-bit release and allows for passive-passive connections (less firewall configurations needed). It includes minor updates with several bug fixes, and stability improvements.

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  • Free and Open Source
  • Already configured for best performance
  • Interface with a lot of information
  • Customization


  • Using old protocols
  • You need to know about P2P and DC
  • Few specific documentation
  • Majority of shared files are copyrighted (illegal to download)


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